Article no.: 300100, 300110, 300111, 300115, 300120, 300125
Title - Description

Hanseline – Bicycle Oil is a hydrocarbon, that is qualified by its purity, it is totally free of acid or resin, for influence of UV- and oxygen only very slowly. So it has excellent aging properties. Due to its low viscosity and its coating capacities it protects the material from corrosion. It is proper for very fast running mechanics because of its low inner resistance.

Title - Usage

Hanseline – Bicycle oil is made for joints of gearshifters, brake levers and derailleurs. Clean lubricating points, remove old lubricants. Aplly and let affect shortly. After a short term running, lubricate again. When lubricating Bowden wires: dismantle the cables and apply some drops between cover and cable. Regular application maintains the functioning.

  • 100; 500 ml - 10er / 50er Innenkartons in 200er Umkarton
  • 150 ml - 12er Karton
  • 1 l - 10er Karton
  • 5 l - 4er Karton

2710 19 85

Technical Data
form: fluid
color: bright
odour: characteristic
Pourpoint (DIN/ISO 3016): Pourpoint -12°C
Flashpoint (DIN/ISO 2592): 200°C
Density at 15°C (DIN 51757): 0,86 g/ml
Viscosity at 40°C (DIN 51562 part 1): > 20,5 mm2/s

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