Article no.: 500102 / 500105 / 500125

Hanseline Carbon Mounting Paste (CMP) is a mounting paste, which increases the friction and thus lowers the necessary torque force. It is water-repellent and free of solvents. Prevents corrosive wear (seizing) of aluminium and metals.


Hanseline CMP is applied thinly on seat post or handlebar / stem. Due to hard particles the friction is increased, the paste works as carrier and serves as protection against corrosion.

The increased friction by solid particles allows to work with a lower torque force at the same stability. At the same time the carrier material works as protection against corrosion and prevents corrosive wear or seizing of the components by its separating properties. The paste is suitable for all combinations of carbon, aluminium and steel – especially approved for mounting carbon parts among each other.

Where to use: seat post, handle bar, derailleur, …

  • 20ml - 8er Innenkartons in 80er Umkarton
  • 50ml - 10er Innenkartons in 100er Umkarton
  • 250g - 12er Karton

2710 1999

Technical Data
Form paste like
Color: light brown
Odour: characteristic
Density at 15°C 860 kg/m³
Flashpoint >250° C
Pourpoint 162° C

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