Article no.: 300500, 300505, 300510

Hanseline – CHAIN LUBE Grease is natural colored, lithium saponated grease of the consistency NLGI grade 0 based on mineral oils. Strong points are low starting resistance at low temperatures, squeeze-stable, very good water resistance and high corrosion protection.


Hanseline – CHAIN LUBE Grease lubricates fast running drive chains, also suited for filling gearboxes of spur-, bevel- and worm gear systems. Especially suited for long-term lubrication by high-pressure resistance.

Hint: For easy usage set the tube in a glass of hot water and heat up to app. 45°C, makes the grease highly fluid and thus helps creeping to the lubricating point. Hang the tube head first at the clip, so the grease flows to the spout – not to the bottom.

  • 50ml - 10er Innenkartons in 100er Umkartons
  • 100ml in 12er Kartons
  • 250ml

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Technical Data
appearance paste
color: natural (yellow brown)
Service temperature: neutral
Service temperature: -30 to +100°C (permanent lubrication)
Melting point (DIN ISO 2176): ca. 180°C
Penetration (DIN ISO 2137): 355 to 385
Water sustainability (DIN 51 807 T1): 1 - 90
Corrosion protection (DIN 51802): corrosion category 0
Viscosity of base oil at 40°C (DIN 51 562): ca. 100 mm²/s

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