Article no.: 300212

Hanseline – CHAIN LUBE Spray is a colourless special lubricant, which protects and preserves chains, cables and joints. It is centrifuge-resistant and has very good creeping and sticking properties. It strongly protects against wearing.

Hanseline – CHAIN LUBE Spray is a mixture of synthetic oils, adhesive additives and corrosion inhibitors, dissolved in aliphatic hydrocarbons and propellant propane-butane.


First, clean the chain thoroughly with e.g. Hanseline CHAIN CLEAN. Then spray on chain, let the solvent evaporate, repeat if necessary – ready.

  • 150ml - 12er Karton

3403 99 90

Technical Data
form: Aerosol, liquid
color: colorless
odeur: specific
Flammability: Atomized spray and evaporated steam are highly flammable.
Self-flammable: no
Oxidizing properties: superheating
Danger of explosion: When superheating containers may burst. Possibility of explosible steam-air composition.
Vapour pressure (inside can): at 50°C max. 2/3 of can-test pressure
Density at 20 °C: 0,654
Water solubility: no
Solvent content: 5-20 %

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