Article no.: 305502

Hanseline – fork oil is a specially further developed hydraulic oil. It has additives for enlarged protection against corro-sion, aging and agents to reduce friction and wear as well as stronger pressure absorption. Hanseline – fork oil is neutral towards fittings. The strong points of this product are: ideal wear protection, good viscosity attitudes, high aging stability and good corrosion protection.

Properties and application

Hanseline – fork oil achieves all standards, that are set by manufacturers of hydraulic suspension forks. With a viscosity calibration of SAE 5 Hanseline – fork oil is positioned in the middle area of suspenions strength. This fine tuning was done to ensure the largest possible period of use. This fork oil can be used throughout the whole year, even in colder times the fork will keep the best responding properties. Moreover, we made sure to conserve the tightness of fittings in the best possible way.

For filling your suspension fork, please contact your local dealer. Special tools are often necessary, e.g. to vent the fork after filling. Please refer to manufacturer’s instructions.

Hanseline – fork oil leads to perfect responding properties by lowering the point of break loose, the damping features are excellent.

  • 200ml - 30er carton

2710 1983

Technical Data
Form liquid
Color: transparent, yellowish
Odour: specific to product
Pourpoint (DIN/ISO 3016): max -30°C
Flash point (DIN ISO 2592): > 230°C
(fill-) facor at 20°C: 0,880 g/ml
Miscibility in/ with water: not miscible
Viscosity at 40°C (DIN 51562): 46 mm²/s

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