Article no.: 300540

Hanseline Chain Wax is a composition of different waxes and a special additive (dry lubricant), dissolved in a carrier oil, that transports the lubricating components to the lubricating points without making the chain sticky.

- excellent lubricating effect

Hanseline Chain Wax has an excellent lubricating effect. Waxes plane the surface structures and thus enable friction free sliding. The dry solid lubricant components sit fixed in the microscopic small unevennesses, so they provide a very long lasting lubricating effect.

- Preservation

A chain lubricated with Hanseline Chain Wax is sealed by a water-reppelant layer of wax. Corrosion has no chance.

- „self-cleaning-effect“:

While lubricating the chain with Chain Wax you can see a self-cleaning-effect. Dirt particles, such as dust of the street or sand of the trail are bonded in wax. They form small balls which fall off the chain as a whole with the dirt.

Why shaking is important:

Lubricants that contain waxes and do not have to be shaken before usage, are mostly thickened to keep the wax dissolved. Hanseline has left these thickeners out, since they increase stickiness at the chain. The side effect is, that you have to shake Hanseline CHAIN WAX before usage. The base oil is not sticky, but the wax will sink to the bottom after a while, so you have to shake the bottle before every usage.

  • 100ml - 10er Innenkartons in 200er Umkartons

3403 99 90

Technical Data
form: liquid
color: transparent/ yellow
odour: specific
Flash point: 81° C
Melting point: -8° C
Self-flammable: no
Danger of explosion: no
Vapour pressure at 20°C: 0,01 hPa
Density at 20°C: 0,81 g /cm³
Water solubility: no

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