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Hanseline – Hydraulic Oils are hydraulic fluids for (industrial-) hydraulics engineering and for load transmission in converters. „L“ is according to DIN 51502 the additional code letter for components for increased corrosion protection and longer resistant to age. „P“ is according to DIN 51502 the additional code letter for components with wear reduction and higher pressure absorbing capacity. Hanseline – hydraulic oils are non reacting towards sealings. Best wear protection, high viscosity stability, long aging resistance and good corrosion protection are the characteristics of these oils.

Properties and application

Hanseline – Hydraulicoils fulfill all demands, that are given by famous manufacturers of hydraulic components. This HLP oil can be used even if a hydraulic oil of the specification group H or H-L is required. Choose your viscosity grade according to the surrounding temperature.

  • 50ml - 30er Karton
  • 1l - 10er Karton

2719 00 992

Technical Data
Form liquid
Color: transparent/ clear
Odeur: specific to product
Pourpoint (DIN/ISO 3016): -40°C
Flashpoint (DIN/ISO 2592): > 180°C
(fill-) factor at 20°C (DIN 51757): 0,875 g/ml
Miscibility in/ with water at 20°C: not miscible
Viscosity at 40°C (DIN 51562 Teil 1): 10 mm²/s

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