Article no.: 300490, 300491, 300495

Hanseline – MTB-Oil is a special chain oil for mountain bikes with graphite additives. It is a mixture of highly refined min-eral oils and hydrocarbons, added with graphite. The part of adhesive substances was reduced to a minimum in the actu-al formulation, to minimize dirt sticking to the chain.


Hanseline – MTB-Oil lubricates the chain, shifter, cables, etc. Even if the oil film has been washed of, it provides lubricat-ing capabilities by the graphite powder that creeps into the deepest lubricating points. So, it qualifies as a perfect wet lube, ideal under weary conditions such as rain, puddles and mud, as it may happen during trail rides. We recommend to seal the chain with Hanseline WAX SPRAY after lubricating.

  • 125 ml Flasche
  • 1 l Flasche
  • 5 l Kanister

2710 19 99

Technical Data
Form: liquid
Color: brown to black
Odeur: mineral oil
Pourpoint (DIN/ISO 3016): max -35°C
Flash Point (DIN/ISO 2592): > 200°C
Vapour pressure at 20°C: max. 0,1 mbar
Density at 15°C (DIN 51757): 0,888g/mm³
Water solubility (20°C): practically insoluble
Viskosity at 40°C (DIN 51562 part 1): 87,0 mm2/s

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