Article no.: 300450

Hanseline-Terminal Grease is a composition of highly refined hydrocarbons and corrosion inhibitors. Special demands require special products: Hanseline-Terminal Grease is an acid protection grease that was designed to protect batteries terminals. The batteries power can be fully accessed because the conductance is kept at its optimum. Corrosion at clamps and bolted connections has no chance. The terminal grease is conditionally permanent to acid.


First clean application points thoroughly and remove previous corrosion residue. Apply Hanseline-Terminal Grease thinly, use paint brush for surfaces. For easier access to spots that are hard to reach, make the grease liquid by heating up (put tube in glass of hot tap water) and dip parts into the grease.

  • 50ml - 10er Innenkartons in 100er Umkartons
  • 5g Beutel

2712 10 90

Technical Data
Form paste-like
Color: bright-yellow
Odeur: neutral
Pourpoint (DIN/ISO 2207): +54°C
Flashpoint (DIN/ISO 2592): 215°C
Vapour pressure at 20°C: max. 0,1 mbar
Density at 70°C (DIN 51757): 0,830 g/ml
Viscosity at 100°C (DIN 51562): 7,0 mm2/s

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